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15th September 2017 | Sunshine Ladies Tour

Sun PinkStig Series is a go!

UniMedia in association with Sun International launches its much-awaited Sun PinkStig Series. The Series kicks off with its first tournament at Parkview Golf Club from the 17th – 18th October and at Sun City from the 4th – 6th December 2017.
The Sun PinkStig Series is an exciting initiative in women’s professional golf that will showcase some of South Africa’s most aspiring Woman Professional Golfers providing them with a platform to compete more. These events are part of celebrating this historical shift and injecting a fresh impetus to propel the game and its players to new heights.
UniMedia’s focus is to locally manufacture players and attract more international events to South Africa. The retention of existing talent will fuel more competitive tournaments with, more rewards. UniMedia will provide innovative media stimulations for participants, spectators and media.
PinkStig serves as a catalyst for corporate stakeholders and others to realize the power of women’s golf and its traction for all women sports, in South Africa and Africa.
A pool of R350 000 in prize monies has been secured thus far for the upcoming tournaments.
Zahira Hansa, CEO and co-founder of UniMedia stated: “We are proud to be associated with the Sunshine Ladies Tour and look forward to raising the stakes of ladies’ professional golf through our PinkStig series.
“Sincere gratitude to our sponsors, supporters and loyal friends who have journeyed with us to reach this milestone. Join us and be part of building the next chapter of women’s professional golf under our African Sun.”
By UniMedia