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13th October 2014 | Sunshine Ladies Tour

Currie gets SA Women’s Open nod

LizzieCurrie_SLTOn the last day of the Pick n Pay South African Women’s Inter-Provincial at Royal Cape in Cape Town, young Lizzie Currie got a fantastic surprise, a phone call inviting her to participate in this week’s Cell C SA Women’s Open


Catching up with the Port Shepstone amateur as she frantically fills in registration forms, she admits, “I am feeling super excited but on the same hand extremely nervous. It is such a wonderful opportunity; I would have been crazy to turn it down. I am going into the tournament to learn as much as possible.”


Continuing, the upbeat golfer says, “I am lucky that I have played the course a few times. My first time playing a round was actually at San Lameer.”


She says with a chuckle. “I owned a set of golf clubs by my choice of sport at school was cricket. My cricket coach, Anthony Mulligan from Creston College came up to me and asked if I could help out the golf team as they were a player down. I agreed to it and the next day was playing my first round at San Lameer.”


“It was only after school when a friend of mine, David Rush suggested I have a session with Nicola Eaton who had returned from America and had started coaching. Let’s just say I was a natural. I still have so much to learn, at the moment I am working hard on my mental game and learning to build my confidence.”


Nearing the end of her second gap year after matriculating from Southcity, the determined sport star is planning on studying via correspondence.


“I am going to be doing studying Business Management next year while helping my Mom out at her work.  The flexibility of correspondence allows me to focus both on working with Mom and getting hands on experience but also gives me the freedom to continue my dream of turning pro.”


“I remember watching my golfing hero, Lee-Anne Pace taking part in the SA Women’s Open in 2012. She fluffed a shot but her attitude and reaction remains with me to this day. She wasn’t ruffled; she smiled and was so positive that nothing was going to get her down, a lesson that we all can learn when curve balls are tossed at us. Her attitude was awesome.”


“I got to meet her and she autographed my book. When I was watching the tournament, she even remembered who I was and acknowledged me on the side lines. A true legend!”


Chatting to the South Coast legend in the making, she has the support of her entire family, “Everyone except my Mom plays golf, even my two nephews’ play – they are actually pretty good for their age. My older brother, Donovan is going to be on my bag which will be great having his support.”


On concluding, her advice that she lives by, “Never, never give up.”


We watch keenly as our local player takes on the world’s best this week and hope that she persists and does Port Shepstone proud!


Written and releases by Adam Dore, Publicity Matters

Photo – Lizzie Currie; credit Publicity Matters